In a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook, an alleged woman of God has made an impassioned plea to dancehall artiste Ninja Man to surrender his life to Christ.

The woman, who is seemingly based overseas, revealed that the Lord took her to Jamaica a few nights ago, via a dream, and showed her the deejay’s soul trapped in a cage.

“I got a message from the Lord that I need to put on Facebook to go out to the deejay-artiste Ninja Man,” she said. “God show me that the cage or the prison that he’s in, he cannot get out. God tell me he want to use him (Ninja Man). Ninja Man need to repent, and I want the whole entire Jamaica to pass on this video.”

The video achieved its objective, as it caught the attention of the straight-talking deejay, who responded to the post by stating that if God had a message for him, he would have heard it directly from the master himself.

“I get fi realise say these people always go pan this Facebook when them need, attention, and them always call Ninja Man name because when you call Ninja Man name you get attention,” he said.

“I am blessed by the Almighty God so why God a go leave fi mi yaad weh him deh everyday and go tell she something fi tell me. This lady say she get a message fi Ninja Man, say Ninja Man fi repent. Mi repent how long now, and a mi and God a do weh we a do.”

He explained that he did not find it amusing that God would give the woman a message about him repenting when so many other things need intervention.

“All the things weh a gwaan inna Jamaica, the Church can put a stoppage to it. Nuh Church nah come out come march again and do nuh peace nutten. Dem only a come out come collect offering,” he told THE STAR.


Was once baptised


Ninja Man sought to remind Jamaica that he was once baptised, and it was a decision he made off his own free will.

“When God did a call me inna Church, none a dem never know say God have nuh message for me. God come to me himself when me a real bad man and never know him,” he said.

“Me and God talk everyday and him never tell me say him a go send nobody fi call me. Him say when mi ready, mi will call you again.”

He then went on to question the woman’s credibility, stating that she had a similar message for several others, including Beenie Man.

“Mi can’t bother wid di people dem weh a try fi use God and use me fi get attention. God know mi address and him know mi number. Him nuh need fi gi nobody nuh message fi gi me,” he said.

Ninja Man said he is happy with where he is in life as he is now able to help others, especially wayward youth.

“God use me when him want fi do what him want. Right now him have mi pan a mission fi help the younger youths,” he said.

“Mi have a peace campaign weh mi start inna Kingston 19, which include Cassia Park, 100 Lane, Jackson Town, Ackee Walk, the whole a dem place deh. We have a thing called Ice Cream Sundays where we give away ice cream, popcorn, hotdogs, and we have rides and so for the kids. We are trying to just build back the relationships in these communities.


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