Dancehall artiste Ninja Man has pulled himself from the line-up of Sting 2014 due to threats he claims he is getting from Gully Bop’s camp.

According to the iconic Sting stalwart, he has put violence behind him and will not allow intimidation to get the better of him.

“I am not into having my life threatened nor scare tactics … there is no one for me to clash at Sting. I have clashed every big name artiste in Jamaica. This ‘war’ they are trying to drag me into is really going backwards for me, and I am about moving forward. So it is with great thought, I announce that I will not be on Sting 2014. I will instead be enjoying the Christmas with my friends and family,” Ninja Man said.

But Gully Bop’s camp denied Ninja Man’s allegations. His manager, Shauna Chin, says Ninja Man and Gully Bop have an unresolved issue which dates back to the 90s.

“They have a past because Ninja Man helped to mash up Gully Bop life. Nobody threatened Ninja Man, it’s a big lie and since he claims he was threatened where are the people who witnessed that? Nobody is sending threats to Ninja Man, he didn’t want to do Sting in the first place,” she told The WEEKEND STAR.

Efforts to contact a representative from Supreme Promotions, the organisers of the Boxing Day show, proved futile last night.

Ninja Man said the last few years of his life have taught him a number of lessons and he is not the Ninja Man of 10 or 15 years ago. “I am not about violence, I am not about war and I am certainly not about intimidation,” he said. “I am in a new chapter of my life. I am about making music that entertains the people and putting on shows where everybody have a good time and leave wanting more.”

Ninja, who highlighted that his decision was based on threats he was receiving, says he will turn his attention to the planning of his annual stage show and birthday celebration scheduled for next month


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