Did someone send gunmen to threaten Ninjaman? That is the question the streets have been asking since it emerged yesterday that Down Sound recording artiste Ninjaman will not be performing at this year’s edition of Sting.

This last-minute cancellation has sent the organisers in a tailspin because the show is set to unfold at the JamWorld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St Catherine, in 48 hours.



A release sent by Down Sound Records confirmed his withdrawal from the annual show was based on alleged threats on his life over comments he made regarding Internet sensation Gully Bop in media interviews over the weekend, which suggested that Gully Bop was a “Ninjaman knock-off”.

Ninjaman even made disparaging remarks about Gully Bop saying he did not want to “kill Gully Bop’s little career so early because I want him to make some money to fix his teeth and his ‘bosen’.”

Yesterday, the war of words threatened to spill over into physical warfare when Ninjaman was allegedly threatened by a gunman.

“Mi deh a studio yesterday and a bag a Grants Pen man come fi gang me and mi jus’ jump inna mi car and drive away ’cause mi nuh inna dat deh life,” said Ninjaman.

Joseph Bogdanovich, head of Down Sound Records, confirmed the incident but said that a formal report has not yet been issued to the police.

“Ninjaman does not want to be associated with problems at this stage of his career, he has shows for Europe next year. He is no longer a clash artiste and the organisers were warned that if the artiste is falsely advertised, then he would not be doing the show. He was threatened by a gunman in the parking lot of Exodus studio, and that is the final straw,” Bogdanovich told Loop News.

“The threat has not been reported formally but that is not necessary because Ninjaman’s statement should be enough to alert the police to what is going on.”

Bogdanovich said that there is no formal contract with Sting organisers, only a verbal one.

“Gully Bop is dissing a living legend, and the organisers were warned that if this clash advertising continued, then Ninjaman would not do the show,” Bogdanovich said.

In the meantime, Supreme Promotions head, organisers of Sting, said that he believes this disagreement will be resolved quickly.


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