Paparazzi Jamaica just received this report that Odane Greyson who was recently locked up in Jail for allegedly raping an 15 year old female and also videoed the whole incident on his smartphone has been beaten badly in the jail cell he is currently being held in.

Jamaican Rapist

The source has not disclosed the location of where he’s being held but they continued to elaborate, “Odane deh a hospital and wi need justice! look how dem almost kill him! and him nuh do ntn” Source said.

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Source continued to say “Wi see the video and him neva did a rape har! .. Shi all come and seh him neva rape har suh wah more dem need ? Dem ago wait til him dead inna di cell before dem release him? Wi NEED JUSTICE!

WATCH VIDEOOdane Greyson Rape Video

We here at Paparazzi Jamaica are currently trying to contact the family members of Odane Greyson to gather more on this story.

We also understand Odane Greyson is currently receiving medical assistance.

Story developing……

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