Seven years before Omar Mateen infamously murdered 50 partygoers and injured 53 others at an Orlando, Florida, gay club on June 12, the sick killer trapped nurse Sitora Yusufiy in a loveless, abusive marriage, she claims. Fortunately, Yusufiy says she escaped the “mentally ill” madman. Now, can reveal the details of their messy divorce.

Mateen claimed the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” leading him no choice but to file for divorce.

Though Yusufiy accused Mateen of acting violent in their marriage, the couple seemed united during their sudden split. In a settlement, they claimed to have absolutely no joint assets, and both gave up all rights to spousal support.

Just months after the wedding, she told the New York Times that her parents rescued her from Mateen’s controlling ways. “I’m blessed to have the family that I do because they saved me from death,” she said.

Years later, Yusufiy learned that her ex-husband had savagely murdered many men and women in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on Saturday night. “I thought I had closed the chapter on this horrible mistake that I had gotten myself into and forgot all about it and we’re free from it. But this is the most shocking, heartbreaking experience,” she told ABC News today.



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