A picture was posted online of a baby boy posing with a cup and a bottle of rum which should come off as a cute moment, but that was not the case in this situation

The parents and guardians came under heavy backlash by viewers from all over the world because of the negative impact it has on such a young child

Picture of Drunk baby Anger online users


“mi hate ppl morewhile, certain things children are not supposed to be exposed to,period. this is not cute, it is criminal.”

“What is wrong wId dese people. Granny used tuh put likkle run inna yuh bath water or sap yuh forehead fi break di fever. When did it become normal fi fix pickney a drink of rum & coke…”

“This is why we need strong women as mothers cuz ladies ask urself would u allow a man even his dad to do this to ur yute?”

“Doctors in UK don’t even recommend caffeinated drinks – Pepsi & coke etc before 5 years old because it mess with their brain development. And add alcohol to it,him liver start pickle already.

Can imagine when him start school….poor teacher”

“wicked to God innocent creatures”

“Is ah shame when good good people CAAN have pickney & crosses like these don’t realize or respect di blessing dem receive….”


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