Social-media was shocked yesterday after ex-boyfriend of spice posted a photo of her. after the image was posted it was removed an he apologized. this photo started a buzz when it was posted. spice say’s its not her in the image an its all lies trying to damage her reputation in music.

Spice is now in trouble claims she has been receiving threats to her life from a promoter in Chicago and is now living in fear.

According to Spice, the promoter has threatened to kill her several times on the phone because she would not be able to perform at a show he had booked her for.


“He says he is going to send bad man come kill me and he has bad man friend in Jamaica,” said Spice.

But the Chicago-based promoter, Donoran Beckford, is denying Spice’s allegations.

“Spice has no proof of that (threats). I didn’t threaten, I am not stupid to threaten her,” said Beckford.

Spice told Paparazzi Jamaica that she is unable to attend the show because she does not have the required documents to fly to the United States.

“”My visa expired and my travel documents are currently at the embassy and I just got a date last week,” Spice explained.


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