What a world we live in where teens are allowed or should i say allow themselves to be manipulated by the so call early stages of love.

Sex is for adults and not for kids. (yes i call them kids) To part take in such activities at an early stage can result to only one thing, being pregnant or contracting some sort of disease or virus.

Hold up but that’s one two many, but any way … Why use social media to ‘show ‘n’ tell’ what goes on in a couple’s bedroom/bathroom/kitchen? Ain’t that suppose to be private or sumn. Social media has spoken and surprisingly a few (younger heads) agreed to this and had slammed those who disagree saying ‘one should stay out of other people business’, ‘they so cute’, oh unu too badmind leave them alone.’ Now you tell mi! I am so worried about this future generation and the generation to come beyond that.

These ‘so called’ mothers are definitely not setting any grown-up example that will be future inherited or followed by those to come.

Not saying my days we weren’t ‘bad’ or we were ‘angels of god’ but at some point before this whole social media came about, we would not dare let our parents know we have a boy friend or girlfriend.

What will happen in the future thou, will there still be a thing called social media? Is this the beginning of the end?

The photo in this article was uploaded by the party involved and when social media attacked this specific individual it was quickly taken down but not before being ‘screen shot’ and re-post again. Nothing gets pass the web these days… Well as you can see both teens in a shower together doing god knows what. Your thoughts below …


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