Fans of Sean Kingston and his new artist Tommy Lee Sparta are now hitting back at Vendetta deejay Alkaline.

The International pop star and the Montego Bay-based Gothic Dancehall deejay made rounds online earlier this week when a video surfaced of Kingston putting his hand on Sparta’s head.

Vendetta fans immediately shared the the clip making it go viral claiming the visuals were a bit too intimate. Alkaline then fuelled his supporters when he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram page saying,  “Done see say dem a bitch smh. Check out my new sound #realwidit#dealwidit #doneseeit.”

However Kingston and Sparta’s fans are now hitting back with a throwback photo which seemingly shows Alkaline’s being touched on his nipples while taking a photo with a fan a couple years ago.

“They need to speak about this,” sources close to the two said. “They making a big deal over a video with the boss [Sean Kingston] and his new artist [Tommy Lee Sparta] but no one is saying anything about this luuu photo with Alkafish [Alkaline].”

Social media users have since been sounding off, which do you think is worse?


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