Popular Dancehall Personality Caught With PENlS In His Mouth!

“Da batty bwoy yah from Uniondale, Long Island always ah lick out pon battyman n him a battyman di whole time. Mi wonder a how much him mek”


“Di out a dem undercover batty man yah out deh inna di world, it not even funny nuh more! A like you haffi a do background check pon man before you even talk to dem too hard!”

“Always watch the man dem who try to brand another man as a batty man or who go over board when licking out on gays, they are usually the undercover phaggots. If he’s over-the-top shallow and materialistic as well, that’s another sign.”

“I’ll bet this was not the exposure he wanted…sucking for beats…boomblast.”

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