Following the fact, popular photographer in the entertainment circles Nicketa Thomas is missing. Nick is the owner and operator of

Nick’s nephew Glen Jackson made it known to the public that, Nick’s car has been found and is also pleading for help in finding his uncle that anyone with information on his whereabouts, call 776-7750 or 323-9420 or contact the Nearest Police Station.


According to sources, it is Alleged that two (2) bodies were found today in Spanish town and one reportedly identified as Nicketa Thomas popularly known as #NickFotoWorks.
Nick was reported missing since Monday afternoon of last week(28, Sept 2015) since then images of the photographer as well as contact numbers have went viral. Entertainers from the #dancehall scene, family, friends as well as admirers of his work.

Condolences goes to to family, friends and associates of Nick and his brand if reports are true. Despite associates of Nick confirming that it is indeed fact.

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