Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you probably already know that Kanye had an epic meltdown on Twitter last night.

It all started when Wiz Khalifa dissed the name of Kanye’s new album. Kanye didn’t take kindly to the slight and decided to go full on nuclear on Wiz, dissing his “corny ass music” and then getting much more personal clowning Wiz for marrying a stripper (Ye’s Ex Amber Rose) and having a baby by her.

Well now an unlikely person has stepped in to defend Amber. Retired adult film actress Lisa Ann…


The famed adult star known for her many, many “Milf” roles, jumped on to weigh in the the Twitter Beef after Kayne said Wiz had been “trapped by a stripper”.

She felt that the comments were out of line considering 1) Kayne date said stripper 2) He married a woman who got famous a $ex tape and 3) He sent Lisa Ann thousands of thirsty ass emails trying to bang her — with many d**k pics attached… and she threatened to leak them too!


In the message above Ann puts Kanye on blast, calling him a hypocrite considering he tried to get in her panties for years.

She says she has endless amounts of emails from the rapper, many of which he included “c**k pics” as she put it. When asked if she ever actaully let Kayne hit it, she replied: “Hell no…. The night I was supposed to meet him at a show 12/11/2011 Kim arrived, still married to Humphries LOL”


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