Dancehall artist Alkaline keep making headlines. in addition to buying his mother a 20.5 Million dollar house in jacks hill Jamaica he recently bought his sister Kimona Bartley  a brand new 2014 BMW x3 valued at $6.3 million.

when contacted alkaline said “well this a just apart of the 2016 movement, vendetta clan living it up”ALKALINE, who’s  real name is Earlan Bartley  hit fame in 2013 an is now one of the most talked about artist in dancehall.

 Sister of alkaline says that “he always fulfill he’s promises no matter what”. This young dancehall artist is truly a kind heart young man. his sister also added that Alkaline is planning to release more tracks with more international artistes and of course, this is going to push him far.

Tattooing his eye balls was just the beginning, he has more bizarre plans ahead in the next couple months.


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