The heartbroken family of a College Park mother killed in a police shooting while in Virginia says the shooting wasn’t justified, according Fox 5 DC.

India Kager was caught in the crossfire during a shootout between Virginia Beach police officers and a suspect they were monitoring.

The car Kager was riding in was riddled with 30 bullet holes. Her 4-month-old son was in the back seat the entire time. He was not hurt.

“Why didn’t they wait until she exited the car? That’s the question. She could have been in safety. If they were surveilling her, why didn’t they wait and just wait until the baby andIndia were safe, away from whatever they were planning to do?” said her mother Gina Best.

Kager’s mother says the 27-year-old went to art school, served in the Navy and worked for the U.S. Postal Service. Now, the family’s world is torn apart because Kager leaves behind two young children.

“They took her life. They gave her no chance. She did not have an opportunity. We’re totally devastated,” Best said.

According to the Virginia Beach Police Department, officers were after 35-year-old Angelo Perry, a convicted felon with a violent past, who was allegedly the suspect in a murder investigation. He had a long criminal history, and police believe he was about to commit a crime when they approached his car.

Police say Perry shot at officers first, and they returned fire.

India Kager was not the intended target, but she was in the front seat of Perry’s car. Herfamily questions whether her death was justified.

“There’s no excuse for police firing a volley of 30 rounds of indiscriminate gunfire, and my sister was hit multiple times,” said Brandon Bailey, the victim’s brother.
Police say they discovered Perry had a 9mm on him and a semi-automatic weapon at his feet – both loaded. Angelo Perry who was in the driver’s seat, is also deceased from fatal gunshot wounds.. He wasthe father of the baby in the back seat.. Now the child has no parents at all..After killing both of the child’s parents. “Officers went to the Wal-Mart on the other end ofthe shopping center, purchased food, bottles, and diapers for the baby.”

Family Mourns The Loss Of Their Loved One


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