Despite a hectic schedule and being one of the most sortrafter acts in the space
Dancehall star Popcaan recently took time out from his busy schedule to mentor a number
of youngsters at one of the island’s juvenile detention center

During his speech the Unruly boss spoke about his own perils as a young man growing up
in Jamaica and the adversities face on his journey to stardom He also used the
opportunity to encourage the kids to stay focus and put the Almight first in all things

After singing a few lines from the very popular ‘Unruly Prayer’ Popcaan said,

“From unu love God but up unu hand oonu pray look l don’t leave my blble”

while reaching for his a concise version of the holy book in the back pocket of his pants

He continued “because anything Popcaah a do we put God first WP but the Almighty above everything above the fame ahd stardom l am always giving thanks whether it’s a good or bad day

In closing the deejay implored the youngsters to make their family proud before reciting his
popular slangs #kickout #farout

lv’leanwhile, the single ‘Good Times’ recorded by himself and controversial American
rapper Young Thug was recently added to UK’s MTV playlist

The song which was produced by UKebased producer Jamie XX, currently has more than
three million views on Jamie XX’s YouTube page and has received positive reviews

The video features cameos from both Popcaan and Young Thug however they share no
scenes together Popcaan who has been without a US visa for quite sometime, is unable
to maximise his potential overseas despite being noted as Jamaica’s next recording artiste
with the potential to cross over into the foreign market

Good Times’ addition to MTV’s playlist means the single will be exposed to a wider
audience since the channel is aired in over 10 million homes in the UK and Ireland

The song is yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 However the esteemed chart recently
described the song as one of the best records released in 2015


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