Popcaan is a huge weed smoker so it’s no surprised that he is launching his own brand of rolling paper.

The deejay confirmed wthat he is launching “Unruly Rizla” very soon due to the demand for better rolling paper.

“A me seh weed is my best friend, and from you smoke weed you have to have Rizla,” Popcaan said. “Whenever we a smoke, we always a smoke other people Rizla so it’s nothing if ww have our own.”

Popcaan also has his own T-Shirt line and is encouraging other dancehall artists to venture into entrepreneurship.

“Mi have mi own shirt and mi own hat, so it makes sense to have mi own ‘rizla’. It’s very important for an artiste to go in everything where business is concerned because otherwise from music, there are so many things that we can do.”


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