Popcaan fans are demanding more from the ‘Unruly Boss’ as they say his recent releases are below average.

The international Dancehall artist rolled out two singles in since the start of the month ‘Still Feel Good’ produced by Notnice Records and ‘Up Forever’ produced by Markus Records, however his fans say he needs to go harder to run the summer.

“Popcaan has lost his grip on Dancehall whilst trying to go International this year and is rapidly losing fans,” a Dancehall insider said. “The summer is competitive and he needs to show that he’s worth top honors or the genre will shift from him, his new tracks will get the normal airplays but won’t be top five material as he needs to pick it up ASAP,” he added.

2017 has been a good year on the international scene for the ‘Unruly Boss’ which saw him touring Europe with Canadian Rapper Drake and landing a huge collaboration with English virtual band Gorillaz.


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