We all should know about the Popcaan & Drake scenario over Popcaan being removed from the song ‘CONTROLLA’ they both had released before the initial release of Drake’s latest album ‘VIEWS’ in which Popcaan’s verse was removed from the song.

Since then, the dancehall community has called Drake fake, Mr. Vegas that is, for not highlighting the dancehall artists on the album more and for not giving dancehall more credit than it’s due since his Album was 40% dancehall inspired.

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Mr. Vegas made a video about the matter at hand and many had alot to say, some were with him while some were against. In my opinion, Drake should have atleast ‘Featured’ one of the two tracks where Beenie and Popcaan had a sample.

Popcaan just responded on a viral video stating to Mr. Vegas that “Mi nuh need yuh fi defend Popcaan, Yuh nuh know ntn bout Unruly OVO gang” which many social media commenters had a lot to say pertaining to Popcaan’s response. Video below:

[evp_embed_video url=”http://paparazzija.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/13291251_621866487962193_646756976_n.mp4″]

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