Dancehall Entertainer Andrae Jay Sutherland otherwise known as Popcaan a one time member of the legion of  Adidja Azim Palmer, Portmore Empire who most people know as vybz kartel, had been in confrontations with other former members of the Gaza who kept questioning the loyalty of the dj.

After brawls about these allegations are so they say, the sons the incarcerated Musician Vybz kartel has had not too long released a song called Radio which was featured on the ( VoiceNote Riddim ) where they quoted ” mi nuh trust popcaan” an upon those words we have not heard a reply from the dj whether by music or social media till a sources in portmore told our editors about small talks made by the Dj.


one of them was “mi na nuh time fi inna nuh talking wid the world boss pg dem cause a him mek mi deh weh mi deh straight!! suh mi nuh know bout ungrateful suh mi na diss dem an mi respect shot boss” ‘but if nuh body wa pick it up pon dem head when music done wid dem, dem na nuh head fi dem eaze”.

Word in the street is that the dj Popcaan Andrae Jay Sutherland is one of the main keys in which Adidja Azim Palmer popularly know as vybz katel’s 35 incarceration along with other members of the gaza who are on the murder charge of Clive williams  alias Lizaad.


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