Dancehall Artiste Vershon has came under heavy scrutiny form online users who allegedly have information regarding this situation, a user submitted the following information…..

“So me hear the one Vershon him now nah mind him pickney weh him n kitty have and ya tell me say after the girl really mek him see him pickney wen him come a her gate did boy ya really drive off wid d girl pickney without consent …… Mi all hear say is a rass speed him drive off Inna wid the Pitney Inna him lap n him two car door wide open ….. Tell me now him really muss deh pon coke….. Fi mek it even worse me all hear say from good source say him all threaten d girl bout if she ruin him career him a go kill she n her family…. All now d girl no get back her pickney after she go police station…. Now tell me now met y him no settle him self wid D gal weh use to go Tarrant weh mi hear say a d biggest mattress out deh all bring d gal go kitty yaad bout him want suitcase wid baby clothes weh him buy wid him low self… Weh kind a dutty man this….. And all him live pon a bout him a go obeah man …. Da one ya a real joke eno….Met talk d truth now…. Vershon u fi stop it and be a MAN!!!”

However Vershon took to his Instagram Page and uploaded a video with the caption “MI DO LIKE MI NUH HEAR DEM … LOOK OUT FI DI REST OF STORY IT A FAWUD”


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