Overseas-based dancehall artiste KC Jockey has been missing from the local scene for quite some time. However, the deejay was, in fact, locked behind bars in New York’s popular Rikers Island on narcotics charges.

The deejay, who made a name for himself through the Passa Passa and Dutty Fridaze series, is one of the first dancehall acts to erect huge promotional Billboards in the Corporate Area in an attempt to sell his brand to the Jamaican fan base.

Speaking with Paparazzija recently, KC Jockey said he was wrongly accused by a former associate, resulting in him serving time in prison. He also disclosed that Rikers Island isn’t exactly the best place to rehabilitate criminals.

“When you try to help people to step up and have things in life, this is what you receive at times. Ungrateful and very demeaning, no loyalty. I am also suing for my conviction because there was no evidence on me. All tests came back zero per cent. There are no other charges pending against me because they are all finished and cleared,” he said.

“I took a plea bargain, which, in my case, means no parole or probation. I am happy that it is now finished and I am ready to live life. Prison only makes life worse for many young men and cause them to develop unhealthy habits,” he added.

Despite his less-than-commendable local presence these days, KC Jockey does not think his career has been damaged by the legal issues. In contrast, he is of the view that his music will benefit from the controversy.

“My career hasn’t slowed down. It (conviction) made my process move faster actually; meaning there were things that I needed to do in order to put things in perspective. We are all champions, and we have to fight battles to win,” he said.

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Now that he is a free man, KC Jockey is promoting a new EP Watch What You Do, as well as a new single, What Goes Around.

He also said that his incarceration also brought him closer to God, and this is reflected in his music.

“I must accept something in order to change it. I will now let my higher power and spirituality guide. My music is now on a different level. I am taking this experience as a lesson because whatever we put out in the universe, it will come back to us,” he said.


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