Can you imagine winning $2 million at just 19 years old? That’s what has reportedly happened in Sanford, Florida to Frederick Walker after he purchased his first-ever lottery ticket for the $1.5 billion drawing on Wednesday, Jan. 13. Incredible!

Talk about getting lucky. Frederick Walker, a 19-year-old from Sanford, Florida, has reportedly won $2 million from the history making Powerball drawing on Jan. 13, reports Click Orlando. The teen matched all five white numbers but not the Powerball number, claims the report. He also opted for the PowerPlay, which is a $1 optional add-on that multiples a ticket’s winnings. Smart kid!

The ticket was reportedly purchased at a Sav-A-Ton store in Lake Mary. It was the very first time he had ever decided to play the lotto, and boy did he luck out! Even crazier? He found an already filled out ticket at the store that someone had left behind. He took the ticket to the counter, purchased it, and won!

“When I heard about the billion dollar Powerball jackpot, I decided to try my luck and buy a ticket,” Frederick said in an interview. “I got to the store, and there was already a completed play slip at the playstation.”

Whoever left those numbers behind must be very upset — they missed out on a $2 million win! Hopefully Frederick uses the money for good, especially since he ended up getting extremely lucky.


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