President Obama is doubling down on the U.S. government’s claim that North Korea was behind the hack on Sony … by punishing North Korean officials where it hurts — in the wallet.

The Department of Treasury cut off ties with 10 North Korean officials Friday and 3 entities who have direct ties to the North Korean government — despite claims of the hack being an inside inside job — saying they can no longer have financial dealings with America.


However, during a press briefing … U.S. officials said they couldn’t establish whether the men/entities being punished had been directly involved in the Sony hacking.

A rep for the department says, “This step reflects the ongoing commitment of the United States to hold North Korea accountable for its destabilizing, destructive and repressive actions, particularly its efforts to undermine U.S. cyber-security and intimidate U.S. businesses and artists exercising their right of freedom of speech.”


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