Princess Diana is not buried on an island on her family’s sprawling estate, as widely believed, can exclusively reveal. An insider tells us the late royal’s family has been secretly hiding her coffin our of fear deranged fans will vandalize it.

“We have had four attempted break-ins toward her body in the last 20 years,” her brother, Earl Spencer, recently revealed of his late royal sister . “I am glad that we have seen all of them off.”Image result for princess diana gravesite

Nearly two decades after her death, Di’s body is entombed at St. Mary’s Church, where she rests next to the cremated remains of her father, John, the eighth Earl Spencer. Diana lies in a lead-lined coffin inside the church in the village of Great Brington. Her remains are guarded by a six-foot spiked iron fence and a series of motion detectors.

The famous royal was placed in the church following her tragic death in a car accident in Paris at the age of 36 on Aug. 31, 1997.

But in a bid to foil grave robbers, the public was told Diana was buried in a crypt on an idyllic island within Althorp Park, the nearby 13,500-acre estate where Diana grew up.

And unknowing fans cough up $23 to visit the estate and pay their respects to the “People’s Princess.”

A source at Althorp told Radar, “the church was considered as her burial place,” but added “it made sense to have the island as the place where she is ‘buried’ because it is more secure. No one working on the estate now was at the funeral, so we all believe what we are told. It’s just better that we keep our mouths shut!”


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