Dancehall producer Justus Arison better known and Justus of JA Productions known for the highly successful Overproof rhythm and more recently the High Life rhythm has taken several members of the music fraternity to task following Chronixx’s ‘waste man’ comment which continues to draw the ire from various quarters within the society.
The producer has seemingly taken offence to a statement by fellow producer Rvssian of Head Concussion Records who was quoted in a recent article saying that Chronixx was one of those helping to give Jamaica a ‘Bad Name’. A seemingly irritated Justus wasted no time taking to Twitter to somewhat defend Chronixx while chiding Rvssian stating, “Chronixx a young yute still. Done know eloquence nah go always deh deh but the truth deh deh from u bun babylon di beast”.
He continued, “Russian flop from Go Go Club Riddim… Mi nuh stay like some bwoy weh need Kartel song fi stay afloat. Me nah no don except the most high. me nuh falla back a man.”
In a surprising twist Deejay I-Octane was not spared either following his recent nomination for ‘Singjay Of The Year’ in the upcoming People’s Choice STAR Awards one user tweeted, “How can people vote for I-Oxtail as Singjay of The Year? He barely had any major songs last year” before further Justus referring to him as ‘High Froctane


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