We saw this article posted on a Celebrity Gossip website about Tajari and Queen Latifah, we hope it’s not true because we love us some COOKIE! .. the original one.

Empire Star “Taraji Henson” quit her part as “Cookie Lyon” on the grounds that she asked for an increment in her pay to have influence in the film and she didn’t get what she seeks.

Taraji Henson said “I know my character in the show is the most prevalent and adored out of the rest and all i asked for is more pay, a young lady has an expensive life to live!”


Empire Creator, Lee Daniels chose to supplant her with a crisp face, somebody general society knows and appears to be fit to assume the part shockingly better than Taraji, that riddle performer is Queen Latifa.

taking into account people in general perspectives on the off chance that somebody ought to supplant Taraji, it ought to have been Mo’Nique which would have been the ideal fit, however that’s not what Lee Daniels thought.


The entire circumstance has not been affirmed so far since we have not yet heard an official announcement but our source is all that much CREDIBLE.


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