A mysterious fire in a house on Rosemary Lane, downtown Kingston, sparked excitement among residents yesterday.

Carla Foster, the woman mostly affected by the controversial fire, said the source of the flames is unknown and she is certain that no-one started it.

“Every 15 minutes the fire restart between yesterday and today and is not electrical shortage or anything like that in this house,” said Foster.

According to residents, the fire started around 3:30 p.m. on Monday and has continued in sporadic incidents in three different houses close to each other in the community.

Foster claims that persons are using ‘D-Lawrence’ (obeah) to try and get her to leave her home and the community.

“A grudge them grudge me cuz me look good, me work hard fi weh me want so is a problem,” said Foster.

When THE STAR arrived on the scene, clothes, appliances and furniture were outside the house where most of the mysterious fires occurred.

Foster, 40, said she was afraid of keeping her belongings in the house. “Me fraid me go leave the things in there and then the fire go start again and me lose everything,” she said.

Foster said on Monday she was in her bedroom when the ironing board caught fire. She hurried out of the house calling for help, then realised a fire had also started in her hairdresser shop in the same yard.

THE STAR saw burnt curtains and kitchen towels outside the dwelling and there were also burnt marks on the floor of the hairdresser shop. A bed frame in a house close by also had evidence of being burnt. A razed mattress and an iron board that were partially destroyed by fire were seen.

The recently baptised Foster said people are using her son as a vessel for what she says are demons.

“Because me gone back inna me church, they are sending the demons through mi son because everywhere him go from yesterday fire start,” she said.

Another yard

Community member Jennifer Johnson corroborated Foster”s claims. “The mattress you see outside weh burn out, did half burn out and them move it to another yard. Likkle after, the mattress move in the same yard as the son and ketch on fire again,” said Johnson.

Precious, another community member, insisted that the fires were not started by anyone. “This is not a fairytale or made up story, fire dem happen on them own, nobody no start them.”

The house was flooded with water by Foster based on instructions from a pastor at the scene. Outside the house was also splattered with water from the gate to the back.

Pastor George Brown was seen pouring olive oil down the throat of Foster’s 11-year-old son and her common-law husband. Brown said this was to protect the son from what he calls evil sources.

“Somebody wants to get her out of the yard, but because she is baptised they cannot manage her so they send the spirit through her son,” said Brown.

Sitting beside a box with several bottles of olive oil, Brown said a day of prayer will take place soon to fight what he calls a spiritual warfare. Brown boasted that the day of prayer would solve the problem.

“When me pray, demons have to move,” he said.

The hairdresser said she would not be able to sleep until the mysterious fires stop. “Me fraid fi me child and me no feel good at all,” she said.


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