Rihanna and Drake just couldn’t make it work, work, work, work, work, according to a new report! The singers have reportedly split, and it’s all Drake’s fault. Drake has allegedly started ‘getting cozy’ with a hot Instagram model, and Rihanna is NOT happy!

“When Rihanna found out about Dakota, they had a blowout fight,” the source told Life & Style Weekly. “She immediately told Drake that it’s over. When Rihanna isn’t at Drake’s concerts, Dakota is often there by his side. It makes Rihanna furious. Rihanna was getting used to being Drake’s one and only.”


Rihanna reportedly found out about Dakota because Drake allegedly “paraded” the model around at an afterparty for his September 11 concert in Las Vegas; “she had an absolute breakdown,” the source revealed. Wow! That’s so awful for Rihanna, especially after all the bold gestures of love Drake’s shown her recently. To find out he’s reportedly been with other girls is such a shock!

This report is especially jolting because Drake brought Rihanna out onstage to perform during his September 10 concert in LA, and gushed about how wonderful she is to the audience. This is just one day before he reportedly brought Dakota to his afterparty! At the concert, he hinted heavily that he and Rihanna were exclusive, telling the crowd he hoped they’d find someone so “lovely” to “hold them down” one day!


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