So, what does Rihanna think about all of this crazy pregnancy rumors? 


Rihanna, 26, is at the center of a huge pregnancy rumor — and one report has already tried to pass off a sonogram as hers. Now, a source has RiRi’s EXCLUSIVE reaction to all of these pesky rumors!

How would you feel if someone tried to tell everyone else in the whole entire world that you were pregnant, and you weren’t even class?

Well, if you’re anything like Rihanna, you would probably laugh it off.

“She thinks it’s absolutely hilarious,” a source close to Rihanna said. “But, she really doesn’t pay much attention.”

Good for you, Rihanna! Laughing off the drama is so much better for the soul than dwelling on it. Hey, maybe reading the original report about the sonogram picture that allegedly came from Rihanna helped her out!

Despite what some outlets may want you to think, the truth is that it’s just far too early for Rihanna to be thinking about babies right now.

“The only baby she has is Majesty and she treats her niece as if she were on her own daughter. She spoils her rotten and loves her to death.”

However, when it comes to having her own baby, “She’s a second mother to [Majesty] but as far as her having a kid on her own, sorry, it’s just not happening right now.”

Smart move, Rihanna! Focus on that brand new album instead.


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