Fast rising reggae star, Lee Dann, is accusing dancer and artist Ding Dong of stealing his song.

According to Lee Dan, the song “Yeng Yeng” was done by him originally and then copied by Ding Dong.

In a conversation with Paparazzija, Lee Dann had the following to say “Earlier this year I went to Kingston to voice the song at a popular recording studio. The song is titled yeng yeng. I even got a story published in the Jamaican Star about the song and the meaning.

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Couple months ago after my song was released, Ding Dong released a song with the same concept and stole most of my lyrics without contacting me. It is very unfair how these big artists are always stealing young artist craft.”

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Paparazzija has made attempts to contact Ding Dong to get his side of the story but our attempts were futile.


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