Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna captured the collective attention of many, many people on the Internet Wednesday, when the on-again, off-again couple aired their private grievances in a very public sphere.

Not that the pair are new to the private-as-public narrative; their every move has been carefully documented on reality TV and social media – both separately and together – over the past few years.

But Wednesday’s blow-out peeled back yet another layer of an already chipped facade, and the couple’s volatile exchanges revealed some of the ugliest aspects of their world.

What presumably began as a private exchange quickly devolved into a public display of revenge porn on Kardashian’s part, and accusations of domestic abuse on Chyna’s part, both very real offenses with very real-life consequences.

After everything, Rob still has much more to say about Blac Chyna eben threatening to release photos of her giving him head on Instagram after she exposed photos of him yesterday.

Blac Chyna EXPOSES Rob Kardashian Out Of REVENGE!!! [EXPLICIT CONTENT]


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