Doctors warn Kylie of future effects if she continues to fill her face. According to Dr. Evans, “Kylie looks over done and significantly older.”

Kylie-Jenner-before-and-after-lips-2013-2014“Wow, Kylie Jenner unfortunately appears to have had way too many fillers injected into her cheeks and lips and they appear completely unnatural, as they are out of proportion to the rest of her face,” says celebrity plastic surgeon Tony Youn, M.D.

Kylie-Jenner-Plastic-Surgery-Stop-Now-10“I suspect that she’s had several syringes of filler injected into her lips, maybe even as many as 10 syringes, and her cheeks also appear quite puffy and that may be due to filler injections there as well” claims Dr. Youn. “Hopefully the appearance that we are seeing is temporary swelling. If that is the case, then she should look much better soon. If not, then I STRONGLY recommend that she stop cosmetic treatments now before it is too late. This could turn into a major problem for her and she will end up ruining her face!”

Kylie-Jenner-Plastic-Surgery-Stop-Now-16Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars,Dr. Susan Evans agrees with Dr. Youn’s assessment. “Kylie has been injected with the longer lasting hyaluronic acid that increases volume. One could argue that without facial lines, she didn’t need injections at all,” she says.

Kylie-Jenner-Plastic-Surgery-Stop-Now-14“However, they appeared to have used 7 or more full cc’s to augment her cheek bones, chin, and nose. Her lips are so big now that it has created a fold from her nose to the corners of her lips,” Dr. Evans says. “If it’s silicone, a permanent filler, Kylie will be stuck with it until a doctor goes in and tries to remove it. It’s a difficult surgery and often times unsuccessful.”



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