Does Safaree Samuels have a new girlfriend? According to The Shade Room, that might be the case.

The rapper was seen holding hands with a woman named Zashia M. Santiago, a model who’s been featured on the MTV show “Wild-N-Out.” Photos of the couple were posted to the rapper’s Instagram page, and his followers immediately commented.


“If they are dating, I’m happy for him,” one person wrote. “She’s beautiful and it’s nice to see him fall for a girl without big fake t— and a–,” wrote another.

Samuels’ Instagram page is set to private, but M Starz published some of the follower’s comments.

As far as Santiago, there’s not much background info on her but we do know that she’s from Miami, and she’s a mother-of-one. Her Instagram page also states that she’s a make-up artist.


In 2012, the Floridian beauty answered a bunch of questions from fans in a YouTube video, and one person asked what kind of man she prefers, an athlete or scholar?

At the time, Santiago had a boyfriend and said he filled both roles.

“I am taken, and he is an Athlete and he’s actually very smart, so he fills both roles,” she said.

“Never settle for less. Ladies, you can get both. Always. You can get a gentleman and a scholar and all that good stuff. Whether it be at the gym learning a new exercise or doing homework, he’s always there to give me insight,” Santiago added.


She also said that she expects her man to be extremely chivalrous, so Safaree better be ready to open a bunch of doors for her and pull out chairs.

“A big yes is when you open a door for a lady,” Santiago stated.

“A lot of the guys nowadays are stuck into this world and the atmosphere and whatever everybody else is doing, and I just think you will win a girl over if you would just go around before you open your car door, go around to her side, open it and go right back to your side. It takes two seconds.”

In addition, the lovely model said that if her man didn’t do those kind of things for her, she would ultimately kick him to the curb.

From here, it’ll be interesting to see if Samuels and Santiago are seen more places together. If their relationship does blossom, people could finally stop associating the rapper with Nicki Minaj, which should help him some.


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