Safaree Samuels may have stood out as truly newsworthy for his sentiment to display Zashia Santiago taking after his split from long-lasting sweetheart Nicki Minaj, yet have the twosome effectively brought it stops over claimed conning assertions?

As indicated by new reports, Samuels has declared his recently single status after gossipy tidbits started recommending that Santiago was unfaithful in their brief sentiment.

Mstars reports that Samuels posted a feature of himself affirming the separation after fans started blaming him for undermining Santiago. In the feature, Samuels tells fans, “In what manner can a solitary man cheat? I’m single, I do whatever the f*** I need.”

On Thursday, The Shade Room further affirmed gossipy tidbits about Samuels and Santiago’s part after a source near the Wild ‘n Out model concedes that Samuels left Zashia “grief stricken.”

A companion of Santiago’s tells the site, “Zashia is one of the coolest, if not the coolest individual I know. She is great hearted and I don’t care for seeing her dismal and heart broken. I don’t care for when individuals take progressed [sic] of others and attempt to play them for a blockhead! It’s discourteous! Also, she doesn’t merit it. I decline to see her like this any longer!”

The site likewise acquired screengrabs of a claimed discussion between Nicki Minaj’s ex and a lady named Porcelin, in which Safaree denies having a sweetheart.

At the point when Porcelin inquires as to whether he has a sweetheart, the rapper answers, “I dmt [sic] have a young lady. What’s more, I just got over from Jamaica, was out there pass couple of weeks.”

At the point when the lady keeps on squeezing Samuels to clarify the way of his relationship to Santiago, Samuels clarifies, “Porcelin how are u going to let me know who im dating? Gee I cant have a young lady companion it doesn’t function admirably in my field. Particularly mind sum1 who doesn’t comprehend wat accompanies it.”

The news comes weeks after fans lauded the Jamaican rapper for at long last having the capacity to proceed onward from his 12-year association with Nicki Minaj, with a few fans notwithstanding calling Santiago an “update” from the “Boa constrictor” rapper.

In spite of the unexpected split, Samuels has all the earmarks of being in great spirits; the rapper as of late stood out as truly newsworthy for demonstrating his backing for Drake’s “Consecutive” diss track went for Nicki Minaj’s new sweetheart, Meek Mill.

Urban Islandz reports that Samuels commended Drake for having the capacity to transform the diss track into a club song of praise, telling Onstage TV’s Winford Williams, “I like Drake. ‘Consecutive,’ that was hard.”

As to gossipy tidbits that propose Samuels intentionally impacted Minaj and Meek Mill with his own particular diss track, “Life saver,” the rapper clarifies, “I was keeping my cool so what I put out it was simply something to give it a chance to be realized that I am not going to sit calm any longer, so if something else to criticism me would have been done then my best course of action would have been hazardous,” the rapper clarifies.

What do you consider Safaree Samuels and Zashia Santiago’s part?


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