With his new-found success, dancehall artiste Gully Bop is seeking to remedy the malicious work of scammers who have been plaguing his career. According to his manager/fiancée Shauna Chin, unscrupulous individuals have set up fake social media pages and have been scamming promoters.

Gully Bop’s social media pages were recently disabled after he and his former label, Claims Records, parted ways.


“Scamming all over the place. There are a lot of fake Gully Bop pages out there. These scammers have been collecting money for shows and we know nothing of this,” she told THE STAR.

She went on to say that they have been receiving numerous calls around the globe for shows with Gully Bop, but had decided that England would be the first tour stop. This however, may be put on pause.

“We got a call from England stating that a man has been booking on behalf of Gully Bop and that people have collected US$7,000 for shows. We don’t know of anything about this. If you don’t speak directly to me or Junior Fraser, aka Heavy D of Supreme Promotions, then you are being scammed. Only Heavy D and myself are authorised to conduct bookings,” she said.

According to Chin, the scammers have also sent up a charity-based website which encourages fans of Gully Bop to donate money to impoverished children in America.

“This website is saying that it is Gully Bop’s site and fans should donate between US$20 and $50 to children in USA. Why would he set up a charity to donate money to kids in USA when children in Jamaica a suffer? They are being scammed. That is not Gully Bop’s website.”

In the meantime, she urged fans of the artiste to stay tuned for his new social media pages which will be announced over the weekend in her Onstage interview.


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