Photoshop can’t fix this! Kris Jenner has packed on a lot of weight in recent months, according to a new report, and she can’t hide it any more.The famed momager packed on 72 pounds in just a few months, according to Star magazine.


As the 60-year-old reality TV star boarded a yacht in St. Barts over the holidays, a flimsy cover-up exposed her saggy arms, ugly back fat and droopy caboose. Boozehound Jenner has also downed up to four bottles of wine a day, according to one source. “On top of that, Kris eats tons of comfort food like pizza, pasta, cakes and cookies,” said the insider. “It’s diet or die — and quick!”


“Kris was practically unrecognizable!” an eyewitness told Star. “Fat rolls were bulging out of her swimsuit, and her legs were covered with cellulite.”


Jenner is notorious for telling her pregnant daughter Kim Kardashian to stop eating so much on a recent episode of KUWTK. “No doubt it’s from the stress of seeing her ex-husband Bruce turn into ‘Caitlyn,’ dealing with daughter Kourtney‘s issues with baby daddy Scott Disick, son Rob‘s diabetes battle, and daughter Khloé‘s exLamar Odom‘s drug overdose!” the source said to Star.


  1. Gosh no matter how hard she tries she still a 60 something women . Maybe she should act her age a bikini not flattering on a 60 year old


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