What the heck is going on between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? A few days ago, it was revealed that Selena had broken Justin’s heart by hooking up with Wiz Khalifa just hours before attending his concert. Now it seems though that may have all been a mistake, after multiple sources have revealed that Selena was seen leaving the “Sorry” singer’s hotel this week.


As news comes of Justin’s fragile state after several breakdowns, sources say that Selena is acting as his rock, and that they have been having secret dates at the Montage Hotel in LA. Sources say they have been very “Touch-feely”. Add to that the fact Selena apparently stayed the night, and we have a recipe for a makeup!


“Selena and Justin spent time together at his hotel more than once in the last week,” a source recently told HollywoodLife.com  “They were poolside, had lunch in the dining room and had a drink at the bar. While he didn’t serenade her on the piano, they appeared flirty and very touchy-feely.

They seemed very close, and you could tell there was some obvious sexual chemistry between them. They were mostly alone when together, preferring to spend time with each other than anyone else.”


Another second source, that after one of those sexy dates last night, Selena may have stayed the night in Justin’s room! Coule this mean the return of Jelena for good?


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