Selena Gomez is not the least bit jealous of Justin Bieber’s new Instagram crush. In fact, she knows his infatuation with Cindy Kimberly is just ‘some sort of revenge’ because of her relationship with Niall Horan.

Nice try, Justin Bieber, but Selena Gomez is not impressed with your “silly” crush on Instagram cutie Cindy Kimberly. Selena believes the Biebs’ supposed infatuation with Cindy is just a way of getting payback for her sexy romance with Niall Horan.

“Selena heard about Justin’s Instagram crush and just cringed. She thinks it’s silly and knows without a doubt that this is Justin’s attempt to try to make her jealous. It’s like some sort of revenge and payback because of her relationship with Niall.”

Justin’s heart must have been broken when he found out Selena and Niall’s chemistry is “explosive,” as a source revealed. “Selena never really thought there was any chemistry between her and Niall, but that all changed after he kissed her. It was absolutely electric for her — like fireworks,” our source said. Admitting to having a crush on Cindy could be Justin’s way of trying to pretend like he doesn’t care about Selena’s romance with Niall. But either way, we’re just happy to hear that Selena isn’t upset about it.

We have to admit, it does seem odd that just days after posting throwback pictures with Selena, Justin posted a picture of Cindy and seemingly admitted to having a crush on her. So what happened in those few days in between? Well, Selena’s romance with Niall came to light, so it seems very likely that Justin’s “crush” is, indeed, “some sort of revenge.”


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