Flowers and chocolate are overrated. If you want to make a Jamaican woman happier.. really happy read on. These would make her appreciate you more… if you can get them.

What red roses? Show up with Guineps!

Give her June Plums and Guineps, and she’ll feel butterflies in her tummy.

Take her to the beach

Bring her a cold juicy coconut

Then you could feed her the jelly inside.

You could both have a Patty and Coco bread while watching a movie.

She would love these: the Jamaican Otaheite apple


Take her swinging… Frenchman’s Cove ??☘

Take her Cave Dining? ? in Negril


Overlooking Kingston and St Andrew from Strawberry Hill.

Remind her she’s a beautiful island girl.

Jerk chicken, pork and roasted corn


Cook her some well-done Oxtail



Or Jerk Lobster ?

She would love you more if you give her some sugar coated Tamarind


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