Shenseea then took to Instagram to share lyrics from a song she wrote which fits perfectly with the current situation.

“My life anu your life so nuh badda try come even judge me, low me mek me plant me seed fi reap success fi my self and fi me damn pickney,” she wrote.

“Trust who? Yuh cya trick me, try defeat? Cya stop me. All when me blind me a see the victory, head mad like a time bomb try tick me. Anonymous, u nuh know me..and u will never ever ever know me, face paint picture but songs write my story who understand only God be the Glory.”

“Say me bad? Me nuh bad yet..u nuh see half a the road me ago trod yet. Rumours, negative talk, real shit dat flush dat dung the toilet. A better life, dat a me destiny, sufferation dat never make fi me. Most a who make it, fight the young ones, it obvious them forget life hard that me get fi see..from u badmind, badmind, drop asleep like a u bedtime, stand behind or go join the next line anu ur time, but now a mine!” ? ,” she continued.

“ANONYMOUS One of the many songs I wrote and I love it because it is factual. #teamshenseea,” Shenseea added.


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