2017 has been the year for the female artiste within the Dancehall to rise to the occasion and make a splash. In doing so the likes of I-Shawna and Shenseea has been the hottest topics so far with a whole lot of controversy behind of them.

It was Shenseea who grabbed the attention of people with her collaboration with Vybz Kartel in late last year with the hit track “Loodi” and then went on to release more hits to her name. Not too long ago, Shenseea was caught in a mix up over the collab with her and Vybz Kartel which led to many thinking she had stole the song and not giving Vybz Kartel enough credit. The issue was later resolved after she appeared on OnStage to clear the mix up.

Then I-Shawna recently made history in Dancehall with her recent hit single “Equal Rights” creating problems within the party scene because selectors refused to play her song for the female patrons which led to riots and running the selectors off the stage.

I-Shawna and Shenseea can easily be said the most popular female artistes in Dancehall at the moment.

Who’s your favorite Female Dancehall Artist?


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