R Kelly is coming under fire for ANOTHER serious allegation. A popular blog Unwine With Tasha K claims to have spoken with a woman, who says that R Kelly “forced” her to eat his feces.

A different woman filed a civil suit against R Kelly, claiming that he gave her an STD. Well according to the blogger Tasha K, the STD she caught was reportedly herpes. Tasha explained:

The STD was herpes. Not only did he give her herpes, but she’s a 19-year-old and she’s gorgeous. She also had a promising future, and comes from a pastoral home – her father is a pastor.

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[The girl] was starstruck when she saw R Kelly at a Dallas concert. Now her future was compromised, and her health was compromised because of this std.

And Tasha spilled more alleged tea, dropping a bombshell.

Tasha claims that a second alleged victim spoke with her and told her that R Kelly forced her to “eat his feces.” Tashe explained, “They do it in Dubai, and now R Kelly did it too.”


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