Well, I know people will condemn me for this but it is good I reveal the names of the 25 men who slept with me without protection during Masaku 7S.

My name is Verah and I am a UoN student, Last year I attended a Rugby event in Nakuru and was raped by 6 men. When I went to hospital to check my status, I was old I am HIV Positive.

This was one of the most trying moment of my life. I wanted to commit suicide but then I thought about it and decided to revenge .

My target is to infect 1000 men before I die and my mission has already started. I hate men for raping me and whenever I see a Man, I look for all was to seduce him and most fall into my trap.

 1.Robert Atoti – Student UON
2.Griffins Atika
3.Rouben Otieno – Rugby Player
4.John Lubaswa – Rugby Coach
5.Evans Mwakoi
6.Robah…I dont know his real name
7.Conrad Kamau
8.Brian Chweya – Student Kisii University
9.Man Solo – Nick name
10.Emmanuel Wafula
11.Jefferson Tanui
12.Ouko Senior
13.Nathan Sibi
14.Nickison Mhabashi
16.Ibrahim Ndinda
17.A Churchill Show Comedian (Forgot his name)
18.And 9 other guys that I will reveal their names soon


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