Dancehall singer Popcaan has come under fire for his choice of girlfriend.

The singer posted a picture to his Instagram account with his current bae Kavelle Keir.

Keir was once the girlfriend of soca star Machel Montano.

popcaan_2“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Popcaan posted as the caption to the photo which has over 14,000 likes on IG.

The photo, however, did not go down well with some of his Jamaican fans who criticised his choice of what they deemed to be a non-black woman and a Trinidadian.

“But look how Trinidadians a treat Jamaican ppl and is a Trinidadian him pic no sah smh mi disappointed,” said one.

“I mean of COURSE his chick looks like that. What did y’all expect? He was going to be with some black Goddess? Y’all know how this sh.. go once they make it big. Just focus on The talent . lol,” said another.

Others, however, were supportive of the union, stating that love knows no colour.

“Love has no bounds, no race or skin colour…it’s 2016 interracial couples are pretty much inevitable these days…maybe you’re just focusing your attention too much on the “stereotype”. #stopPreein,” advised one commentator


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