Late last night a track titled “My Chargie” was uploaded on Youtube via multiple music publishers featuring Drake and Popcaan.

Since then listeners are wondering whether the track has been spliced and uploaded without Popcaans consent because the track doesn’t ‘sound right‘.

In the song you’ll be hearing Drake singing to his ‘Chargie‘ which shouldn’t have been the correct term to describe a female. Many Unruly fan commented stating “Ntn nuh wrong with that cuz mi call my woman chargie“. Well, In Jamaica the term Chargie is generally used to describe a mans friend.

Half way into the Track you’ll hear Popcaan’s verse kick in but at a very odd point. We know by now they aren’t singing to each other but Drake should do more research about our culture before using our terms.

Listen to the “My Chargie” Track below:

Popcaan ft. Drake – My Chargie … “THE GAYEST TRACK EVER” .. WTF Popcaan?!


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