33-year-old military man, who was married, made contact with an 18-year-old female, and arranged for them to meet.

They both subsequently went to a gaming lounge to have drinks.

Reports are that Campbell had a popular stout, and the female chose a beer.

Indications are that half-way into their drinking, the now deceased man and the female left the bar and went to a room on the said premises, where they had sexual intercourse.

It is further reported that the soldier went to the bathroom immediately after having completed intercourse.

The female reported that she then heard a loud stumbling.

Upon going to check on what had happened, she reportedly saw Campbell lying on his back in the bathtub.

An alarm was raised and the police were summoned.

Police who responded found the soldier lying naked in the bathtub.

A firearm believed to have belonged to the soldier was removed by detectives who later arrived on the scene.

The police are still trying to determine the cause of Campbellā€™s death.


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