We just received word from a member of BOBBI KRISTINA’S FAMILY – that a mysterious individual was spotted FLEEING from Bobbi’s home, just minutes before Bobbi reportedly drown in her bathtub. Bobbi’s family is putting PRESSURE on the local police to FIND OUT WHO THAT PERSON IS . . . and see whether the individual may have tried to HARM Bobbi – or whether he or she was HIDING EVIDENCE!!!

Bobbi is currently on life support, and her family and friends are holding a bedside PRAYER VIGIL – hoping for a recovery.

And we’re not the only ones hearing this either – so is E! NEWS. E! News is hearing the EXACT same things. E! News reported last night, “police officers in recent days have asked storeowners in the commercial Ellard Village strip mall adjacent to Bobbi Kristina‚Äôs gated community if they saw any suspicious persons or movements on Saturday morning prior to the police arriving at the scene.” And that’s not All, the cable news network added, “two police investigators in fact visited Sun Trust Bank on Holcomb Bridge Road after the incident and questioned employees, asking for parking lot surveillance video and inquiring about any suspicious activity.”

It is MediaTakeOut.com’s DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to report on this TRAGEDY – as the most viewed urban news medium in the world (28 million uniques ON FLEEK). Searching for the TRUTH, through journalism, is the ONLY WAY that the truth will ever come out as to what happened to Bobbi Kris. Furthermore, we’ve spoken EXCLUSIVELY to members of Bobbi Kristina’s family, and they WANT us to continue REPORTING on this tragedy – to ENSURE the police DO THEIR JOB – and bring whoever is responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s current situation, to JUSTICE. So anyone who wants us to STOP being journalists and sit on our hands . . . kick ROCKS.


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