There was no shortage of excitement on the conclusion of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 reunion show. Between the cheating revelations and cat fights, fans were definitely entertained!

However, there was one surprise that totally caught us off guard — and it had nothing to do with a mystery lover or relationship reveal.

The shocking moment came from guest Soulja Boy, who, after flashing his money about and screaming expletives at his ex side girlfriend, Nas, revealed he was getting cosmetic surgery on his face… to remove his tattoos.

Soulja Boy Says He Loves Nia Riley

Soulja said he’s been getting laser tattoo removal on his face for five years now, which is probably the reason the 25-year-old looked like he was wearing makeup at the reunion show.

“I gotta switch the move up,” Soulja told host Nina Parker. “People say I’m a thug and all that s—t, so [I’m getting] laser done. I made some mistakes when I was younger.”

At the time of the taping, Soulja revealed he had to undergo about two more treatments to complete his transformation — and from the look at photos on social media then and now, it seems like his sessions are paying off.


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