Police say they have received information that criminal elements seeking to drive fear into residents of Spanish Town are circulating rumors that more members of Tesha Miller’s family have been killed.

“We have made our checks and they are not true,” said a senior officer in the town.

The rumors come a day after a sibling of the reputed gang leader was chased and shot dead in a daring daylight attack along the Spanish Town Bypass.

Police reports are that about 8:00 am on Monday Kishawn Miller was standing along the busy roadway when he was attacked.

“We were standing in the town when we heard more than 15 shots; a call was made to the police and during a search of the area the bullet riddled body of Miler was found,” said one resident.

Police have since increased their presence in the area and warned that they would be closely monitoring the town to clamp down on criminals who were planning to carry out a series of reprisals.


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