Dancehall artiste Spice has taken to Instagram to lash out at the annual Youth View Awards after her song, So Mi Like It, was snubbed at the show.

According to the sometimes controversial dancehall artiste, she deserved to win all her nominations.

“So you expect me to roll over and play dead? You expect after all the hard work I put in, I’m gonna sit back and let you act like I didn’t deserve what was due to me? Did you think that me of all persons would be quiet about how, biased this industry is?Well, let me tell you this if you didn’t want to hear it, So Mi Like It is one of the biggest dancehall songs last year. Not to mention the most viewed video out of Jamaica last year. So you are trying to tell me the people hated this song so much that no one voted for it?,” she directed to Youth View Awards official Instagram page.

logical and truthful

She continued her rant stating that fans of Jamaican music were disappointed.

“If you are going to keep such a beautiful ceremony, please make it logical and truthful because the people are not blind and dem a talk bout it. Yes, I won Female Artiste of the Year, thanks, but you didn’t have to award me for that title I knew it belonged to me hands down,” she said.

Spice also suggested that even her competitors knew that they were outshined in 2014. “Fair is fair … that song should have been awarded, this is not going to discourage me, my strength only pushes me to work harder suh mi can show unno up,” she said.

The deejay also pulled a Kanye West stunt advising her peers to stop collecting awards which they know they are not deserving off.

“Some a unno artiste fi stop collect people things too because mi know guilt a nyam out unno belly bottom,” she posted.

Spice was unavailable – for a follow up comment. However, reggae/dancehall artise Konshens posted on his Instagram earlier this year that he did not feel like he deserved some of his nominations. Popular selector Tony Matterhorn also posted a video to his Instagram page lashing out against the show.

Kanye West is perhaps one of the few recording artistes to have given away awards which he felt he did not deserve.

So Mi Like It was nominated for Favorite Local Music video and Hottest Summer Song. The Notnice records-produced song has more than 15 million views on YouTube and was remixed by Busta Rhymes


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